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Red Hot Tip’s is a Government funded program designed to improve landholders’ knowledge and skills to enable them to safely and effectively conduct planned burning on their properties. The project provides landholders with tools, information and training about planned burning.

It is a three year project, being rolled out in three separate rounds. Round 1 concluded in June 2014, round 2 commenced in August 2014 and will finish in June 2015 while round 3 will commence in May 2015 and end in June 2016.  Each round offers 20 landholders across the state the opportunity to participate. There are still positions available for landholders in the Circular Head area to participate in round 3. Interested landholders should contact the Red Hot Tips project officer, Bronnie Grieve on 0400 763 904 or email

Landholders participating in Red Hot Tips will:

  • Work with a fire management consultant to develop a Fire Management Plan for their property;
  • Receive training in the theory behind planned burning, such as fire behaviour, fuel hazard assessment, lighting techniques, weather and fire ecology;
  • Put the theory into practice by participating in a planned burn.

A number of different resources and tools have been developed as part of our program, and can be found in the document library section of this website. These include:

  • Case study information
  • Planned burning manual
  • Fire equipment list
  • Fire weather procedure
  • Risk assessment and post-burn monitoring templates.


Further documents and case studies can be found in the Document Library of this website.

Click on the links below to access additional Red Hot Tips information:

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Updated: 18-Nov-2015