The State Fire Management Council (SFMC) is an independently chaired body established under Section 14 of the Fire Service Act 1979.  

The mission of SFMC is to enhance the efficient management of bushfire related risk in Tasmania in order to protect life, property and significant community values.

SFMC provide advice to the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management and State Fire Commission about vegetation fire management across Tasmania, particularly in the areas of prevention and mitigation of fires.

The SFMC Strategic Direction Framework focuses on:

  • Research and Innovation; by supporting and promoting bushfire research and innovation,

  • Policy; by providing evidence based public policy advice and information

  • Community Capacity and Awareness; by building community capacity and awareness to support bushfire resilient communities

  • Communication and Collaboration; through building and supporting public and private sector partnerships and collaboration

  • Vegetation Fire Management Planning; by enabling strategic, effective and collaborative vegetation fire management planning in Tasmania

  • Governance; facilitating efficient and effective governance and resource management.

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Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster Arrangements

SFMC provided a submission to the Royal Commission, the submission can be viewed here.


Updated: 24-Sep-2020