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The State Fire Management Council is an advisory group to the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management, the State Fire Commission, and supports Fire Management Area Committees.  This flow chart shows the relationship between the different groups.
The SFMC is guided by a Terms of Reference, and is made up of the major land managers within the State along with government agencies responsible for vegetation fire management in Tasmania.
Member organisations include government and independent representative bodies that are appointed by the Governor of Tasmania.
Members currently include:
  • a chairperson, appointed by the Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Management
  • the Chief Officer of the Tasmania Fire Service and their nominee;
  • the Director of the Parks and Wildlife Service and their nominee;
  • the Managing Director of Sustainable Timber Tasmania and their nominee;
  • one nominee from the Local Government Association of Tasmania;
  • one nominee from the Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association; and
  • one nominee from the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania.
The SFMC is supported by a Manager and an Executive Support Officer.



SFMC Annual Report

The 2022-23 SFMC Annual Report highlights the achievements of the SFMC during the financial year, aligned to the SFMC Strategic Direction Framework.
Previous Annual Reports
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Updated: 09-Apr-2024